Releasing fatbergs

Kaipara District Council are offering a reminder to Mangawhai residents to be careful of what is put into the sink and toilet if residents have a grinder pump on their property or are connected to one, ensuring house guests are aware of what it all entails.

Recently, maintenance engineers have discovered a number of items that have been flushed, either accidentally or on purpose, that has resulted in blockages to grinder pumps.

“One of the biggest culprits is wipes. Although some wipes are labelled as flushable, they are not biodegradable and should not enter the sewer system. Wet wipes down the toilet are one of the biggest causes of blockages at the expense of ratepayers,” said Kaipara District Council spokesperson, Ben Hope. When fat and grease are washed down the sink, they can get rolled up and picked up by wipes in the network, creating lumps known as fatbergs. To prevent this from happening people should ensure fat, oil, grease and non-biodegradable items do not go down sinks and toilets.

Cities all around the world are facing increased pressure on their sewerage networks due to fatbergs.

Last year a 250 metre long, 130-tonne mass dubbed the Whitechapel fatberg was found in the London underground sewer system.

For more information phone Ben Hope 09 439 1124.


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