Reducing waste

“No meat trays, biscuit trays or fruit trays are recyclable,” said a spokesperson at the Awakino Road refuse centre in Dargaville

Dargaville residents are advised Kaipara Refuse is no longer recycling number one coloured plastic bottles, and soft plastics such as plastic bags may also be stopped in the near future due to overflowing stockpiles. It is suggested that reducing consumer waste is the best solution.

With no market on the horizon, the stockpiles have accumulated at the Ruawai yard and filled it to capacity.

With nowhere to send the coloured plastic, they need to stop accepting more.

“This is a New Zealand-wide issue, and while other councils in Northland may be taking this product it is being stockpiled or landfilled — it just means the contractor will be putting it somewhere, possibly in the ground, or maybe in storage hoping for a break in the market for it to be sold,” said Kaipara District Council spokesperson, Ben Hope. “Kaipara Refuse is working hard to find markets for these products, and as soon as a market becomes available we will reintroduce these items for recycling.” On the website it is suggested manufacturers could phase out unnecessary packaging and consumers should also become aware of what they purchase and how they will dispose of plastic items — this would reduce the amount of waste produced because items could be reused rather than recycled or disposed of.  

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