A dog’s tail …

Busy – but roll ona Feel Daze

Whew readas, it’s been blimmin’ busy here ona farm eh. Tha contrickters been hear makin’ silage round bails, and over ona deary runoff, tha shearmilker’s bin with sum ‘frigeration blokes pittin’ in sum new chilling stuff ter keep the milk cold.

Boss had a electrikerer in just yestiday ‘cos he wantid to keep the pumps an’ dam an’ troffs all up ter date an wirking. Busy. Busy eh.

“Whatcher writin’ Billy?” I looked up an’ their was Boss’s gerlftren’ Sharlene. She has alook at me kolumn, and said Boss getting the farm water orginised was fer a good resin.

“Ya see Billy, there’s been a big allmity fire down country, ina Souf Island.

They hada vacuate a hole town cos this fire took hold. So Boss reckined safety first. And we wanta have everthing ship shape ona farm too.”

That got me a bit pussild readas, ‘cos we got no ships ona propitty. But Sharlene ‘splained that this was just a ‘youfamissim’. So I’m no wiser eh?

Anyway, Boss come downa kattil race just then ona Big Red Quod an’ give a tell ta leap ona tray atta back. Off we wint ova ta tha woolshed an’ parked up and sat ona steps, wile Sharlene wint back ter the homestead to getta a smoko themiss of cupptee.

“Now then,” Boss sed ter me. (I wundered wot I mite have dun wrong, but nah, I bin reel good lately.) But saw me wunderin, an he said “Nah Dog, no wurries, just wantid yer to now wot the date is. Gess wot — it’s only 15 sleeps ter tha Feel Daze at Dargyville. So, cos they don’t let dogs ina gate, you gonna be in charge over tha farm fer a counpla days agin.”

Sharlene arrived with cuppatees then. “Yep Billy an Boss’s Mum coming up from Orklind ter keep ya cominy. See ya getta a feed.”

Well readas, I cooda done a paw-stand wiv ixitement. Wen Mum’s ina kitchen, there’s pork cracklin, leftover bakin, pikelits, scones. Yee… hahh. But I controlled meself. Instead, I looked serrius about bein’ in charge, an’ I evin gave me EYE look toa Boss. Bit of a question by the quizzikil slant of me hed. Well, Sharlene gotta messij.

“Year, Billy, dont wurry. I will be keeping MY eye ona Boss too.

“We all know wot kin happen when he gets ina bear tent, an’ then goes looking aroun’ with the check book

This year, I’m takin’ the cheque book, so he will havta ask me for munny.

Just in case he buys another ‘lectric gate opener. We got harf a duzzin under the woolshed already eh?

Sharlene’s onto it readas. Mine you, I gotta wunder wot new fangild stuff for the kitchen gonna home with her.

An stay foreva in a cubbord. But hey – wot me wurry? Nah – I’m in charge ofa farm — Mum’s in charge ofa kitchin. Roll on tha Feel Daze. Yeah!



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