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When it’s time to get the job done right, it’s sometimes hard to explain your vision, your plan — or the nature of your problems — over the phone.

Even a detailed diagram can mean different things to different people.

That’s when it’s good to know that there’s a veritable army of professionals on call, ready to swing into action thanks to the greatest gift of the world’s automakers to the tradesperson — the humble van.

The earliest vans, such as the Ford Econoline, Transit and the Dodge A100, quickly became mobile workshops for builders, plumbers and electricians worldwide. In New Zealand, there were even modifications made to cars to turn them into tradies’ wagons — the origin of the sedan-style ute. Now you’ll find all manner of mobile services at your disposal, using modified trucks and vans to carry everything from panels of glass to security systems, pumps and building materials.

Modern batteries even mean it’s possible to run power tools direct from an inverter, making any place accessible by 4x4 into a worksite.

Got a project to tackle or a problem to solve? The professionals on these pages have the mobile hardware and the skills to see you right! 


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