Kaipara Grey Power — retirement village

Kaipara Grey Power Association and the Dargaville Community Development Board with the help of Northland Inc. have received the consultant’s feasibility study on a proposed Dargaville retirement village and the report is about to be published.

A decision will then be made as to the type and tenure of the village and a business plan put in place to complete the project.

There has been a lot of interest in this project and it is worth noting the comment and advice received from experts including the Retirement Villages manager at the Retirement Commission, Troy Churton. 

“The commission has revised its web pages and resources to help intending residents and existing residents find relevant information and resources,” he says.

“Intending residents and existing residents only get the various protections of the Retirement Villages Act if the village is a registered retirement village.” For further information go to http://www.cffc.org.nz/retirement/retirement-villages/.

The CEO of the Retirement Villages Association says choosing a RVA member village is important because only member villages can guarantee they comply with the Act and related legislation. Everyone knows that rest homes are audited for compliance regularly, but there’s no government audit for retirement villages. The RVA has contracted district health boards rest home auditors to audit retirement villages’ compliance every three years. 

Grey Power supports the provision of retirement villages but national president Tom O’Connor said intending residents needed to be very sure what they committing themselves to.

“Retirement villages are an important part of the overall solution to the housing shortage, particularly for the elderly and those on limited incomes. They are however not a government funded social service but a private commercial enterprise. As long people are well aware of that and take good advice before signing contracts retirement villages are an ideal option for many people.”

Mr O’Connor said while most reputable retirement village owners provided plain English contracts and took great care to explain the details of what was involved, it was important for intending residents and their families to seek independent advice.

“Most villages these days provide everything residents might need, including entertainment, sports clubs and special interest groups. These can be a lot of fun and very good for people who would otherwise be lonely but it is very important, particularly for residents who no longer work or have volunteer occupations, not to lose contact with their former communities. Social isolation can be a serious problem for some and village owners are well aware of it. Retaining independence is as important as security.”

For further information about this retirement village project contact Trevor Donald 09 439 5413 and if you want to know more about Grey Power, phone June Klenner 09 439 1736.


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