Change of direction

Councillor representatives on the Pou Tu Te Rangi iwi Harding Park Governance committee, Victoria Del La Varis-Woodcock and Karen Joyce-Paki at the park

The Pou Tu Te Rangi Harding Park Governance committee is proposing the road leading up to Harding Park changes its direction of travel to anti-clockwise so visitors are treated to better panoramic views of the area — but they need the community’s feedback first.

Councillors Karen Joyce-Paki and Victoria Del La Varis-Woodcock would like help to make an informed decision and are encouraging everyone to have a say.

The idea is that drivers approaching the top of Harding Park are able to take in the surrounding natural landscape before arriving at the Dargaville Museum and Kaipara Vintage Machinery club.

“This is one of our significant local assets and has so many features and potential to be used for recreational use for visitors and the public. I think it is visually appealing from the anticlockwise direction,” said Councillor Del La Varis-Woodcock. KDC parks and recreation manager Sue Hodge says she thinks the decision has been hard to make as both road directions can be made safe meaning there is no definite right or wrong answer. Feedback can be sent via email to and community members are encouraged to participate in a brief survey on before 5.30pm, June 14. The committee will then make a decision.


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