Paparoa market

The Paparoa market is on every Saturday from 9am-noon

The Paparoa market was started ten years ago by Progressive Paparoa Inc members Mary Stevens, Lorraine Rowland, and chairperson Graham Taylor. “There seemed to be a number of good initiatives in the food area in Kaipara so we thought a farmer’s market might go down quite well,” said Graham.

“It’s not for profit. The money from stall fees go into equipment to run the event and to the community” said Graham.

“We’ve built a picnic seat in the market area, planted native trees along the river bank and have contributed to the health licence of the kitchen at Paparoa halls so that people can prepare food in a local kitchen if need be.” Graham says the market is a good place for people to check out local produce and crafts or just chill out and enjoy the atmosphere, as there’s a coffee van, good food, and usually a busker.

“The markets bring people and good vibes to town. People check out other shops and it creates a buzz on a Saturday morning. It’s a happening place to be,” said Graham.

The market is on every Saturday from 9am-noon.


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