‘Here and there’ exhibition

Adrienne Dietrich and David Foley in Budapest recently

A new art exhibition by renowned artist Adrienne Dietrich and husband David Foley which explores themes of travel will be showcasing at the Muddy Waters Art gallery in Dargaville from August 12 until September 9.

The joint exhibition will include up to 30 different paintings by the couple who have enjoyed creating art from many of the places they visited in their travels around New Zealand and abroad.

Watercolours, pen and wash, gouache and acrylics are some of the media used. 

“My favourite painting is of Kauri Mountain beach at Whangarei Heads and David’s favourite is called ‘Fearless — high and dry’ — an old tug boat which he drew in Port Adelaide Australia,” said Adrienne.

A number of paintings that will be shown feature the United Kingdom, Australia and local spots around Whangarei Heads.

She says although the pair both enjoy using water colours her favourite medium at the moment is “painting with gouache on black backgrounds.”

The exhibition will run for a month and during that time David will be conducting a basic drawing workshop on August 26 and Adrienne will also be hosting a ‘fun with charcoal’ course on September 2. The exhibition opening from 12-1pm on ugust 12.


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