Protecting native fish

A special working group has been formed to protect a threatened native fish found only in the Kai Iwi Lakes. 

To ensure continued survival of the Dune Lakes Galaxias fish, the Kaipara District Council has been working with the Northland Regional Council, the Department of Conservation, Northland Fish and Game Council, members of Te Kuihi and Te Roroa as the Kai Iwi Lakes Dune Lake Galaxias Working Group. The purpose of the group is to investigate ways to help protect and nurture this fish species in the lakes while looking at types of conservation work to protect the ecosystem for future generations.

KDC Parks and Community manager Sue Hodge says it is necessary to better understand the fish’s ecology and interactions with other species to help ensure survival.

“The working group has had approval to commission a study to explore the ecology of the fish, its interactions with other species and its environment — an action listed in the Kai Iwi Lakes Reserve Management Plan 2016.”

It is hoped that this study will advise management actions which will help conserve this species. 


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