Poultry farm causes a flap

It was a full house at the Arapohue A&P Hall with residents interested to learn more about the proposed Tegel broiler poultry farm

A free-range broiler chicken farm proposed by Tegel in Arapohue is ruffling a few feathers.

Northland Regional Council and Kaipara District Council have received applications from Tegel Foods Limited for resource consents associated with the development and operation of a free-range poultry broiler farm at 5763 and 5802 State Highway 12, Arapohue, Dargaville.

Members of the public packed the Arapohue A&P Hall last week during a meeting organised by the Dargaville Chicken Farm Community Information Group. A spokesperson for the group, Rosie Donovan, said she and other concerned Arapohue residents joined together to ensure the community was well-informed.

“We wanted people to know what was in the huge amount of documentation [the Assessment of Effects on the Environment — AEE report].”

Organisers encouraged people to make submissions opposing the odour, the 350 cubic metres of groundwater that is proposed to be taken and the noise, to name a few. The AEE report states: “The proposed poultry farm once operational will result in 32 operational jobs. Thus, the poultry farm offers an opportunity to expand capabilities and opportunities within the poultry industry in Northland.”

A statement from Tegel read: “Tegel recognises its application to develop a state-of-the-art free-range broiler farm in Northland is of significant interest to the local community, and for this reason the company voluntarily sought public notification of its resource consent application.

“The publicly notified resource consent process will give any interested parties the opportunity to make submissions.

Tegel is committed to working with the local community through this process.”

An information evening will be held in the Dargaville High School Hall on Wednesday, February 21 at 7.30pm.


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