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Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), Kaipara District Council and animal management contractor Armourguard is calling on residents to work with them to solve the issue of roaming dogs in the area.

CAB volunteers in Dargaville received an increasing number of calls from concerned community members about roaming dogs in the area over the last few months, including reports of cats being killed.

“People were calling us because they felt they weren’t being listened to when they called Animal Control,” said CAB chairman, Richard Faulkner.

There are currently 4,662 registered dogs in Kaipara and funds from registration are directly related to recovery costs for the administration of dog related services by the council contractor.

Council spokesperson, Ben Hope, said the council is working on increasing customer satisfaction regarding the animal management contractors.

“On the basis of complaint numbers and customer satisfaction surveys we could always do more to be proactive, and are constantly working towards upping the residents’ survey results, which currently sit at 64 per cent satisfaction.” 

Representatives from CAB, Armourguard and the Kaipara District Council met late last year to discuss the issue and compiled a statement detailing the steps concerned residents could take to assist in managing the issue.

The statement advised: “If at all possible take photographs of the offending dog and if known, note the address from where the dog is homed.

If a non-aggressive habitual roaming dog is causing a nuisance — if possible contain it and call Armourguard Animal Control on 0800 105 890 to come and uplift the dog.

“All details, medical reports and marked clothing from an attack should be kept as evidence to build a case against the owner, should a prosecution proceed.

“When lodging a complaint, ask the officer taking the details to contact you with the outcome advising the best time that suits you for a return call.”

Mr Faulkner said people were welcome to continue to call CAB with any further animal management concerns and stressed that people should take the name of the Armourguard personnel and request a call back.


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