Community bites back

Dargaville residents are making a stand against roaming dogs

A petition calling for the Kaipara District Council to employ staff based in Dargaville to deal with an increasing roaming dog problem, has received over  350 signatures at last count.

Petition instigator, Joanne Williams, says she wants to see roaming dogs off the streets of Dargaville.

“I started the petition to find out who wanted to see some action. Then all the stories started coming out. We want to see Kaipara District Council take responsibility for employing people for animal control. No one should have to wait an hour to be saved from an attack.” Dargaville resident, Alister Grant, lives near Selwyn Park Primary School and worries it will not be long before a child will be bitten.

“We want to see the stray dogs off the street,” he says. “I love dogs and animals, but I just want people to do things properly.” Kaipara District Council’s animal control is externally contracted to Armourguard and the contract is current until September 2019. KDC spokesperson, Ben Hope, says Armourguard have recently carried out over 41 proactive dog patrols, which are carried out every night, and attended to 33 complaints, which has led to several dogs being picked up and impounded.

“Council is in the process of investigating the most cost-effective way of providing an efficient animal control service. This may mean that the service may be brought ‘in-house’ in the future. Armourguard are currently undertaking door to door checks for unregistered dogs. Infringements will apply for any dog that is not and requires to be currently registered and microchipped. 

Likewise, any dog that is identified as not being kept under control may be uplifted and impounded, and the owner infringed for failure to control or confine.”

To sign the petition visit and search ‘Lets Make Dargaville Safe.’ 


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