The countdown begins …

Staff members Sherrene Walters, Teresa Barnes, Pat Withey, Diane Polham, and Kara Reardon displaying some of the reusable bags available for purchase

Countdown Dargaville is one of the first ten stores in the chain to become plastic bag free from May 21 with the remaining 172 supermarkets to follow by the end of the year. The store will no longer offer plastic bags at the checkout and encourages customers to bring their own or buy reusable bags when shopping. 

“We’ve all seen the pictures of our environment and marine life suffering because of plastic pollution, and the impact on our ecosystems is unacceptable. We’re heartened so many of our customers are already committed to using less plastic when they shop with us,” says Countdown’s Kiri Hannifin. 

“This feels like a huge win for Love Kaipara after campaigning long and hard for Dargaville to ‘lead the way’ going plastic bag free,” says spokesperson Emma McLean.

“Our tips to remember your bags is to write ‘reusable bags’ on your shopping list. Keep one on your passenger seat to remind you to grab extras, and once you’ve unloaded your shopping, return the bags immediately to the car. 

“Plastic bags have only been around 30 years. People lived without them, using boxes, trundlers, string bags, and paper bags.”

“We will still be supplying the produce plastic bags as the company is still working on an alternative for this. The company is also working in with suppliers to reduce the plastic packaging used,” said Dargaville store manager, Tom Headifen. 


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