Winter blues banished

Jeni Gorrie owner of Elf Organics and Wellness

There’s change in the air in Dargaville’s main street, with another familiar name undergoing a leap forward in design, space and content. Elf Organics and Wellness will have been operating for five years on August 1 this year ‘so it felt like time for a change’, says owner Jeni Gorrie. Moreover, what a change it’s been! 

A look through the door — the new one, leading right out onto Victoria St — reveals a whole new store, packed with all you need to weather the blast of winter ailments and chills. 

“With winter wetness upon us there are remedies for the usual colds and flu,” says Jeni. “Something I would recommend is to dose yourself appropriately when using natural remedies. If you have a viral or immune formula that has you taking a capsule two to three times daily, you could also add vitamin C or a homoeopathic remedy in between doses. For example, Viralex attack capsule in the morning, vitamin C mid-morning, Viralex lunchtime, Vit C afternoon, Viralex evening and so on. This way, your immune system is getting good support every couple of hours for a few days then you can drop the doses back as you feel better.”

That’s not the only surprise here to get the drop on seasonal ailments. There are also mood and sleep formulas to help us through the winter, as we naturally function at a lower ebb with less sunshine.

Don’t let yourself feel too low before seeking advice or a remedy that could lift you to a better headspace. Viruses are more at home in a body that is already low on energy and endorphins.

Elf Organics’ new stock lines include Natural Life a brand all about feeling good with gift ideas that inspire, bold colours, and a sparkle here and there. The Dr Organic range presents beautifully made products for your skin, and mood. Old favourites Harker Herbals have produced a new range that includes Chest Relief, Sinus Clear, Bronchial Clear, Stress Relief, Sleep Well, Vira Guard, and Iron Boost — each one comes with a free gift card inside the box!  


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