Indoor tsunami sirens available

Simon Jones, Northpower electrician and Victoria Harwood, spokesperson for the Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group with the newly-produced indoor tsunami siren units

A new indoor tsunami siren is now available and creating a ‘wave’ of interest amongst Northlanders who live, work or holiday on the coast.

The indoor plug-in sirens feature a loud alarm as well as a flashing blue light for the hearing impaired and alert people in evacuation zones of a pending tsunami.

“We’re introducing them for those who, for whatever reason, may be unable to hear local outdoor tsunami sirens,” says the spokesperson for the Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, Victoria Harwood.

The sirens have been developed by Northland CDEM group and Northpower over the last year and only work on Northland’s Northpower or Top Energy networks.

Each siren is synchronised to operate with the region’s 191 outdoor tsunami sirens. Both will sound simultaneously in the event of a genuine tsunami warning and during regular twice-yearly regional testing.

“Purchasers must make sure to buy the correct indoor siren designed to operate in their local power network; otherwise they won’t work,” Mrs Harwood says.

To check whether the Northland building being considered for an indoor tsunami siren is in a tsunami evacuation zone, enter its street address at

Sirens cost $155.25 and can only be purchased in person from the Northland Regional Council offices on Water Street, Whangarei. 


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