Kaipara Art Awards in Review

Kaipara Art Awards judge Richard Cranenburgh provides his thoughts and overview of the entries and winners in this year’s art awards.

“I was really pleased with the feedback from viewers and artists who seem to appreciate my 'non-academic art speak' — as I do try and keep things clear and simple for everyone,” says Kaipara Art Awards judge, Richard Cranenburgh. 

“This year I did see an overall step up the ladder from last year, especially in the three-dimensional work — such diversity and high-quality craftsmanship.

“In two-dimensional, I was also looking for presentation skills, in addition to work, which was thought-provoking, different from the norm, used of a different colour palette and showed a level of skill in the use of the chosen medium.

“I wish to stress for future artists — two-dimensional and three-dimensional presentation is utmost, for example, no paintbrush hairs still in the artworks, edges of canvases painted thoroughly, no fly dirt on the top of the frames, if work is reproduced, mounted and framed well. With three-dimensional work, the back and the sides need to be as good as the front,”  he said.


No.37    A Reflective View by  Christine Moginie                    1st Place

“Artists — please don't just paint what you see - translate it. This is what this artist has done in this work – Christine, you have created a special place, a spiritual place and so refreshingly, in using a different colour palette – more and more please.”

No.2    Three by Peter Bradburn                                                    Judges’ Award

“I kept revisiting this work throughout the judging process. Peter's work reminded me of a Ralph Hotere or Colin McCahon — simple images and powerful words – both these artists were ahead of their time. So Peter, keep on track and remember less is more.”

No.48    Birds of a feather flock together by Sheila Shadick                2nd place

“I really appreciate your dedication and skill to work this size — there is a lot of work and even on the edges of the frame. A great illustrational piece — you would work well for publishers. Have you ever thought of designing wallpaper, or large rug designs or fabric wall hangings? Your skill is there. Have you ever heard of William Morris UK [19th-century designer, artist, poet and writer]?”

No.32    Plastic Vs Ocean your choice/our future by Annie Kitchener   3rd place

“Artists are the perfect vessel for bringing awareness to us all — does not matter what topics — war, religion, environment— make a political statement! (Banksy does it on walls in the Middle East). Excellent work!“

No.13    Crown & Glory by  Carlyn Condon                                                  Merit

It is refreshing to see an artwork using coloured pencils and well-executed. Drawing is the essence of design, art and creativity. The artist here 'young at heart' has great ability to see (some artists look but do not see) SO to you Carolyn “Now what you do in your art is unlimited”.


“A very high standard — maybe because there is a physical connection to the work when making it?”

No.58     Wiri wiri Mawhero by  Samala Waipouri                        1st Place

“What can I say. Elegant, beautiful — vibrant in colour and functional. Pikau — perfect for carrying the kumera home in. Something special when art and function comes together — every business should employ an artist!”

No.52    Principle Anchor by    Margot Symes                           Judges’ Award

“We all need an anchor in life — as we know what happens when we don’t have one! Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what we see and feel! This work is more than the sum of all its parts — very special with its use of natural icons, rock, hemp and wood — basic honoured materials, which have been around for a long time. This work is something sacred a requiem.”

No.53     Escape by Yvonne Tana                                       2nd place

“All art should tell a story and this certainly does — whether it is a spiritual  journey or a physical one. So clever — the clay white slips on a kauri waka. Brilliant.”

No.19     Earth Shield by John Ecuyer                                       3rd place

“It is really important to get the title correct for your art piece and John has everything correct. He is a master artist with his precise workmanship. His execution of all his work is MAJESTIC, well-thought-out, a powerful piece — for me this work crosses many cultures and is a strong symbol. The Hibiscus. This artist is in a league of his own — right up there.” 

No.26    Figure No 8 wire by    Terry Haines                          Merit

“Art sometimes should be so simple and fun. I can almost feel the fun and playfulness the artist had making this. In the gallery the sunlight shone on this work with a shadow appearing on the wall behind — delightful. Thank you.”


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