Plan ahead for a hassle-free season

It’s been a busy year for all of our local professionals — from those who keep us on the road to those who keep us in good health, and of course, those who keep our homes in top condition. With so much work to do, it’s no surprise that the most valuable thing to any of our hard-working businesspeople is a well-ordered schedule — and with Christmas coming, that goes double!

The message from a large proportion of those in the building and auto trades is that 2018 is already wrapping up, as far as major projects are concerned.

With only a couple of weeks before suppliers begin to shut down their factories and with imports of vital parts from overseas already a time-constrained proposal, it’s time to look at those last-minute, vital small tasks, which need to be seen to before the break.

As is all too common, Christmas sneaks up on us all. Talk to your local builders, electricians, plumbers and other such tradespeople, and you’ll hear the same tales of desperate customers coming in on Christmas Eve with requests for massive undertakings that require such time-consuming components as third-party supplied materials, resource or council consents, extra manpower, scaffolding and more. While a large number of our tradies are dedicated to helping in a true emergency, this time of year is all about forward planning.

You can count on their help in a crisis, but when it comes to a full re-roofing, installing a pool or adding an en suite, the time may have come to book for early 2019. Some of our auto repair wizards have worked miracles fixing vital parts at the last hour before, but it’s best to talk to all these folks now.

A safe vehicle for summer road trips, towing boats and caravans and visiting the relatives far away starts with a service and check, but do so soon, as parts supply may become a factor as we get deeper into December, especially for more exotic brands.

Finally, we’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all of our professionals for a busy year in which they have worked extra hard to accommodate a growing population and a wealth of new customers!


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