A little courtesy please

Northland Regional Council is urging fish and shell dumpers to think of other people

The Northland Regional Council is urging fish and shell dumpers to show a bit more courtesy towards others before discarding such items and to take advantage of groups especially set up to ensure they don’t go to waste.

People using Northland’s coastal areas as a dumping ground is not allowed under regional council rules though is still a reasonably common problem according to NRC coastal and water quality field operations manager, Ricky Eyre.

He says summer’s onset coincides with a spike in the numbers of people making life unnecessarily unpleasant and potentially risky for others by dumping fish frames and the remains of kina and shellfish on beaches and coastal margins.

“The regional council generally adopts a fairly pragmatic approach to the issue, appreciating that in some conditions such as in deep, well-flushed waters the practice realistically poses little risk to other beach users or the environment,” said Eyre.

“However, when dumped in the intertidal area or on land nearby, including beaches, the waste can pose a potential risk to other beach users, water quality and attracts scavengers.”

It is suggested that cleaning freshly caught fish is done well away from publicly utilised areas, and unwanted items are taken home and buried. In the case of fish frames visit FreeFishHeads.co.nz to ensure they are put to use.


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