Sheena McKenzie & Chris Biddles

Northpower election results

by Andy Bryenton

The results of this year’s Northpower Electric Power Trust elections have been made public, revealing the two candidates who have been elected from the Kaipara District Council area.

Sheena McKenzie and Chris Biddles have won the ballot according to figures released on Monday, following the close of voting on the weekend.

Both candidates have expressed their gratitude to electors, who voted via mail to select seven trust members for the next three-year term. Five were elected from the Whangarei region, with two from the Kaipara.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence in me,” says Chris Biddles. “I look forward to representing you and your interests throughout the next three years.”

Sheena McKenzie also emphasised the duty of public responsibility, which comes with this role.

“I’m thrilled to be re-elected on to the Northpower Electric Power Trust and be protecting the Kaipara and Whangarei electricity and fibre networks. I consider that we are privileged to own these networks, and the contracting business via our shares in Northpower Ltd.

It benefits our area enormously and I look forward to working with all other trustees to keep achieving good results for our consumers. I am very grateful and appreciative to voters for re-electing me for another term.”

In total, 78,500 electors were asked to help select the members of Northpower’s trust.

Reinforcing the fact that this large electricity and fibre provider is operated by the Northpower Trust on behalf of its customers throughout Whangarei and the Kaipara.