Light, sound, acrobatics, art, models and creative concepts come together this week to become an unmissable show

Onstage evolution

by Andy Bryenton

This Sunday saw a full technical and dress rehearsal of the forthcoming Dargaville Wearable Arts extravaganza, as behind closed doors at the Dargaville Town Hall the digital projectors were fired up, the models donned their makeup, and the final touches were added to a dazzling array of artworks.

Sitting in the darkened auditorium — the tension and excitement were palpable. The first impression, of an otherworldly, neon-lit forest replacing the hall’s stage, was quickly eclipsed as the music began to play and the hall was painted with moving patterns and colours, thanks to the live ‘video DJ’ skills of visual artists AwhiWorld. The second impression was delivered by the wearable artworks themselves, and while to describe any of these creations in detail might spoil the surprise for this Friday’s opening night, let it suffice to say that our creative locals have outdone themselves.

From the very young (including kindergarten students) through to seasoned veterans in the field, each artist has struck that engaging balance between imagination and practical application. You can appreciate the sheer scale of crafting such artworks from a technical viewpoint, or revel in the colour, light and riotous creativity on display.

Equally, it’s amazing to see it all brought to life by a team of models who take on the challenge of the wild, the weird (and some towering platform shoes) to give this production attitude. It’s all coming together, and all that is needed now, for a fantastic series of shows this Friday and Saturday, is an appreciative audience to come and be amazed. Wearable Arts has evolved, and 2019’s production is sure to be talked about long after the winners are announced and the curtain falls.