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Paradise Lost exhibition

by Ann van Engelen

The Dargaville Museum is hosting the exhibition Paradise Lost — Daniel Solander’s Legacy, which will be open to the public from June 3 until July 7.

The exhibition commemorates Captain Cook’s voyage to New Zealand in the Endeavour 250 years ago. Daniel Solander, a prominent botanist of his time, along with Sir Joseph Banks, was on board to record new botanical findings at each stop throughout the voyage.

Developed by the Solander Galleries’ co-directors Paulette Robinson and Vincent Drane in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy the exhibition is the most extensive Swedish project to be represented in New Zealand.

“Te Uri O Hau, Te Roroa and Parawhau whanau will be performing a welcoming powhiri, for invited guests of honour into the museum. The consulate of Sweden will open the invitation-only event on June 2,” says Dargaville Museum director Maree Saunders.

Together, 10 Pacific artists are involved in the exhibition with 20 artworks produced in response to Daniel Solander’s legacy, including genres ranging from screen prints, etchings, acrylic, oil and ink, to acrylic on bamboo paper.