Family Planning clinic staff and Dargaville Plunket nurses have made an alliance to offer new services to locals

Planning family-friendly futures

by Andy Bryenton

Family Planning New Zealand has arrived in Dargaville, bringing professional and confidential advice along with a range of services to assist in promoting good choices and good health.

In a partnership with Plunket, the organisation’s two local nurses will be here to help from 9am to 1pm each Tuesday.

Family Planning has been an advocate for better sexual and reproductive health for decades, but it’s only since a month ago that they have made the expansion into a permanent weekly Dargaville clinic, with nurse practitioner Laura Henderson and registered nurse Yiza Sanchez-Oliva bringing their combined decades of experience to the west Kaipara.

The pair, who also runs a clinic at Whangarei’s NorthTec, offer a free service for under 22-year-olds, with a cost of only $5 for those with a community services card. They can advise on all aspects of family planning, reproductive health and fertility, and have the full support of the medical profession if specialist assistance is called for.

Laura says that the aim of the organisation is to promote good choices and to give real-world advice in an inclusive, confidential, supportive and non-judgmental environment. “We’re here — we’re invested in the community,” she says “This is Dargaville’s service; it’s for you and not for us, so we want to be super flexible. We welcome anyone in the community to come and talk to us, to ask questions, and to advise us on how we can best serve you.”