Senior Constable Reuben Cohen outside Dargaville’s police station, where the law now works around the clock, manning the post 24/7

Police 24/7 for Dargaville

by Andy Bryenton

Police have announced that Dargaville’s police station will now be manned by frontline staff 24 hours a day seven days a week, a significant boost in law enforcement coverage for the town.

While the watch house itself will be open to the public from 8am to 4pm, there will be an officer ready to respond to emergencies at all hours, adding not just to a more rapid response time and peace of mind for locals, but also enhancing the utility of recently installed CCTV surveillance systems, which are administered from the police station. Senior constable Reuben Cohen agrees that this is a positive step forward for the town.

“Increased staffing across the Kaipara and Whangarei region has made this possible,” he says. “With greater presence, we’re able to increase police visibility, public perception, and respond more readily to emergencies.”

The expansion in manned hours is effective immediately. It was co-announced via social media with a video featuring interviews with prominent locals, expressing positive opinions on the change.

“I’m just delighted to hear that we’re going to have someone on call local here in Dargaville 24/7,” said kumara growing icon Warren ‘Ernie’ Suckling. Mayor Jason Smith was quoted as saying: “This community is safe, and it’s going to be even safer now.”

Those who need to contact the police in an emergency should call 111. To report crimes, which have already occurred please call 105.