Pro-MX delivers mid-range clout

by Andy Bryenton

Kawasaki’s Mule range of side-by-side off-roaders has a formidable reputation when it comes to handling tough terrain and getting to places where other machines simply can’t. So how do you improve on such a pedigree? Make the new model fit a niche in the range, which has its own built-in market.

Compare the Kawasaki Mule range to popular SUVs for the road, and you’ll find that the smaller SX Series is like a cheeky, nimble crossover. While the big Mule Pro is a serious load-haulier with a footprint to match.

As in the world of 4x4s with number plates, there’s room in the mix for some middle ground, and the new Pro-MX is just right for the recipe.

With design cues taken from its bigger brother, the Pro-MX looks rugged and ready, and that’s not just skin deep.

There’s some serious steel in its construction, with a sturdy roll cage and a fixed roof as standard. Power comes from a single-cylinder 700cc motor, utilising the same torque-friendly, reliable tech that the big green motorbike manufacturers pack into their largest off-road adventure cycles.

Fuel-injected and liquid-cooled, the single big cylinder sits low in the frame but is shielded from below by a full complement of protective plates, fending off stones and mud. That means three things: economy, ease of maintenance and ample power to feed through a twin-range CVT and to the ground.

A comparison to the next-specced 4000 Series models reveals that the Pro-MX offers a higher top speed, and a wider tread and longer wheelbase, all of which pay dividends around the farm.

This mid-sized machine will comfortably accommodate a crew of two burly individuals with ample tray space to spare for tools and supplies. If a super-sized side-by-side seems to be defeating the purpose of buying an agile all-terrain machine to sneak through those tight spots and spare the ute, then the Pro-MX might be the perfect solution. With a very reasonable price for such a machine, it could be a prudent financial choice as well.