Members of the public take closer look at NZTA plans to upgrade and improve the Twin Coast Discovery Highway

Public have their say on highway

by Andy Bryenton

A second consultation session with the Dargaville community on July 3 saw members and representatives of the New Zealand Transport Agency present a further evolution of their plans for the Twin Coast Discovery Highway.

During the day, members of the community and individuals from stakeholder groups came together to assess the NZTA’s interpretation and planned implementation of suggestions collected during their first visit in June.

Later, from 3.30pm, members of the wider public were invited to ‘drop in’ to take a look at how this significant road and tourist route may be improved, potentially with help from the government’s fund for provincial regional growth.

The first stage toward securing funding is to formulate a well researched and coherent plan, a process, which NZTA is aiding with civic meetings such as these.

With tourism a valuable industry for the north, and with the Twin Coast Discovery route passing through areas of distinctive natural beauty and historical appeal, hopes are high that a series of upgrades to the road will drive economic growth.

Dargaville, in particular, is profoundly affected by this proposed plan, as the highway bisects the town, running directly through the civic centre at the crossroads of Normanby Street and Hokianga Road.