Pump track riding is the latest trend in cycling fitness and fun, presenting a challenging surface of corners, jumps and bumps

Pump up the fitness fun

by Andy Bryenton

Cycling pump tracks are appearing all over New Zealand as riders young and old enjoy the benefits of fun and fitness. With banked turns, jumps and fast sections, it’s no easy feat to build a great pump track, but Dargaville is about to get its own.

Selwyn Park, already a hub for fitness and recreation thanks to an outdoor gym, skate park and swimming pool complex, is the venue for a brand new pump track, with construction underway this week.

The track was granted funding after an extensive public survey to gauge local opinion on its utility. When the survey returned a favourable result, the project was green-lit. Cycling advocate and supporter of the pump track project Sadie Cogan says that this new asset will be a boost to both the park and the town. “We’ll get riders from other areas and other clubs coming here to use the new track, and of course, it’s yet another way to help local kids and adults get outdoors and have some fun. The track is being designed by one of the best in the world, Trent’s Tracks, a company owned by an Olympic-level BMX rider who is also an earthworks expert.”

With the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympian Trent Jones involved in the build, Dargaville’s pump track will be a match for similar facilities planned in Mangawhai, and recently allotted funding from the Kaipara District Council’s Reserve Contributions Fund.