Rahui decision in landfill fight

by Paul Campbell

The Fight the Tip campaign to halt a proposed landfill for Auckland rubbish in the Dome Valley and a catchment for the Kaipara Harbour want a rahui declared over the 1,000-hectare site.

It follows a public meeting last week in Wellsford attended by Northland MP Matt King, MP for Northland.

“We learned what a rahui was, how it fitted into both Maori customary law and the NZ legal system through the Resource Management Act and the Treaty of Waitangi and what needed to happen to actually place it upon the landfill site,” said executive committee member, Sue Crockett.

“As long as all protocols are followed to the letter, a rahui effectively stops any development on the site. Our strength is in all members of this community around the Kaipara working together to protect our land and our waterways.

“There was unanimous support for continuing this approach to place a rahui on the site and the next action is a large hui of tangata whenua and other community members to confirm the action and plan the details. Date Sunday, June 9 at the Wellsford Community Centre from 1pm to 5pm.”

The meeting heard that Fight the Tip’s petition to parliament about banning landfills near waterways is being discussed by the Environment Select Committee.

“Anyone who has a story or brief evidence to support our submission to the Select Committee please email fightthetip.nz@gmail.com.

“There was discussion on future waste strategies generated to some extent by the recent release of a new government plan. We are all very aware that Auckland’s and New Zealand’s rubbish has to be dealt with.

“As part of our opposition to the landfill, we are encouraging discussion and research around alternatives to simply dumping unsorted waste into the ground. It is amazing what other options there are out there.”