Ready for the festive season

by Andy Bryenton

Rural New Zealand follows a calendar dictated by Mother Nature, not Father Christmas. So most of us know all too well the big squeeze that can occur in late November and early December. Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a look at what our local trades professionals say when it comes to having a happier holiday.

“We’re here to help anytime, but our suppliers might not be.” That is a call to come in and stock up soon while it’s still possible, on those things, which may break or wear out during the festive season. While many reputable plumbers, electricians, mechanics and machinery repair technicians carry stores of generic and common parts, obscure and offshore-sourced pieces can be hard to obtain during the holidays. Part of this is shipping, and part is that other nations take different amounts of time off on different days than we do. Get in now to order replacement parts, and don’t leave an ‘iffy’ or ‘on the way out’ problem to blossom into a disaster when it’s tough to get suppliers on the phone.

“Big projects are best left until the fresh new year, not rushed.” It is a common answer from those in the trades, who often see demands for seasonal must-haves like air-con coming in at the last second.

It’s often hard to tell a determined customer that they have missed the boat, but it’s a fine thing to be first on the books for the new year. If it can wait until January, why rush things before Christmas? Take it easy, and good summer weather will still be with us for your project’s groundbreaking
in 2020.

“Don’t be shy — call out if it’s a real emergency!” Those in the trades and professions know that it’s a 24/7 job out on the land. For the most part, businesses respect the fact that their rural callers are not in the habit of making frivolous demands on their time.

Though they often say it with a wry smile, most tradespeople really are happy to help their neighbours on Christmas and New Year or any time. If it’s going to impact your family or business, they want you to call, and they understand that it’s no one’s fault that the unexpected can happen on any day of the year.