Ready to meet the market

by Andy Bryenton

Spring is on our doorstep and on the minds of those looking to meet the market and sell their homes. With Auckland prices slowing down, there’s still a lot of enthusiasm for the provinces, especially here in the north where the promise of balmy summers and outdoor activities are a double attraction.

That means it’s time to take a look at how to best present your home as well.

A great location and all the modern conveniences are only as good as the way that you market them to the wider world, after all. Real estate agents have a host of skilful techniques to assist in making things look great, such as deploying drones for aerial shots of that stunning view, but there are a few core areas where a little bit of renovation can reap large dividends.

One top tip, which real estate professionals will stress is that the prospective buyer is often looking for a blank canvas to do their own ideas.

Creating an image of space and room to make a personalised mark is very important, to the extent that painting walls neutral colours and even replacing distinctive furniture with more neutral ‘staging’ pieces can be an option. To give a room a modern look without any removal of walls or major building, there’s good value for money to be had in changing out the flooring, and some of the fittings, such as dated light fixtures, door handles and power points.

Another spring staging tip is all about those wet areas. A clean, even unused look is what photographs best for the kitchen and bathroom.

Areas that in ‘real-life’ are often the home to half-used bottles, tubes and packets of all kinds of products. A clean kitchen and bathroom with no clutter suggest an area that’s easy to maintain. Once again, it’s possible to create a modern look without a complete refit by changing some of the dressings, such as curtains, flooring and tapware.

Photos of wide-open, clean and inviting spaces will do the trick, inviting a closer inspection at your open home once they hit the internet and newspapers.