Sanitation remains a priority

by Andy Bryenton

The Kaipara District Council says it is committed to continuing regular functions to ensure civic health and wellbeing during the mandatory Covid-19 lockdown, which went into place last Wednesday at midnight. 

To this end, refuse pickups will continue as usual throughout the region, with ample supplies of blue bags held by local supermarkets to see us through.   

“Transfer stations have been closed as of midnight, Wednesday, March 25,” says council spokesperson Ben Hope. 

“General refuse is still being picked up as normal, with Tangiteroria moving to Thursday instead of Friday. However, there will be no recycling collection — please stockpile until the transfer stations reopen.”

As recycling is a labour intensive part of the process, this move allows more people to remain in self-isolation, thus furthering the government’s plan to stamp out Covid-19. The KDC has also called for extra care to be taken with rubbish, which may be contaminated with disease; not just the coronavirus but seasonal cold and flu as well. Taking extra precautions with wipes, cloths and medical supplies will greatly assist in keeping front line contractors healthy and able to do their jobs.

“To keep our contractors and their families safe please — if you have rubbish from a household where someone is infected or in isolation, please double bag and seal it. The inner bag need not be a blue ‘paid for’ rubbish bag. Please keep this rubbish for at least 72 hours before putting it out.”

Water, also vital for sanitation, is another issue on the minds of KDC staff. Water reticulation and repairs continue throughout the lockdown — so if there is a fault, please do not hesitate to call. Water restrictions due to this summer’s drought are being reviewed currently to see if the restriction level can, at last, be dropped to three or below.