Dargaville High School principal Mathew Houghton and police constable Reuben Cohen

School CCTV foils burglary

by Paul Campbell

A CCTV installation at Dargaville High School has proved a very wise move after it was instrumental in nabbing a burglar.

The school now has 33 CCTV cameras operating on-site, strategically placed in order for staff to monitor hotspots and movements both during and outside school hours, and they have also proven to be a positive step towards reducing vandalism and theft. “Within weeks of their installation, we had a break-in, and with the help of the cameras, the police were able to identify the person and are now dealing with this through the courts,” said principal, Mike Houghton. “This has also provided protection for students and staff during school hours, giving them an added sense of security.

“These cameras operate 24 hours a day and therefore provide the many community groups that use the facilities outside of school hours with added peace of mind and the confidence that their security and wellbeing are taken seriously.”