Second round of community postponements

by Andy Bryenton

Further group social events have been curtailed due to the impact of COVID-19 Coronavirus, as organizers do the socially responsible thing to stop the spread of the disease. The Northpower Wild Kiwi sporting event has been set back until springtime, with event promoters issuing the following statement:

“Unfortunately given the current COVID-19 situation and uncertainty, we have made the extremely difficult decision to postpone the Northpower Wild Kiwi event till spring 2020. We have taken on board all of the info we can gather, and along with considering the safety of our participants, the position of a number of our stakeholders, suppliers and volunteer groups, and the closeness of the event, we have made this call. We understand this is tremendously sad and disappointing for all of you however we believe it is the right thing to do”.

Meanwhile, the Kauri Coast Surfcasting Contest, a major angling competition and school fund raiser, has also been cancelled, with great regret and after careful deliberation. Gone, too, is the Te Taitokerau cultural festival, which had been planned to be hosted by our own local Dargaville High School. Perhaps the most important of all cancellations has come with the announcement that ANZAC ceremonies will be cancelled across the country and indeed in Turkey and France for the first time in peacetime history. This publication is currently reaching out to ANZAC commemoration participants to ensure that our veterans, the fallen and the returned, receive the respect they deserve on this important date despite the pandemic.