Sound of music alive in Dargaville

by Andy Bryenton

There are few films more beloved than the 1965 Julie Andrews classic The Sound of Music, set to Rodgers and Hammerstein’s timeless musical score. The cinema gem has been brought to the live stage many times, but it’s a Swiss alp of a mountain to climb, with more costumes, more songs, more characters and more public expectations than nearly any other play which a theatre troupe could choose.

That hasn’t daunted the Dargaville Little Theatre’s all-volunteer cast and crew, however. In recent weeks the pace has picked up as ticket sales get set to begin on April 15. The opening night and a highly anticipated eight-show season follow, from May 11. Hard work is paying off as those well-known songs become second nature for our own local Maria, Captain Von Trapp and his children.

It’s this core of the cast, the actors portraying the real-life singing family’s kids who are excelling far beyond their years, according to theatre insiders.

With more than 40 costume changes, spoken dialogue as well as those well-known songs, and a key role in the story there’s a lot to learn, but confidence is high. Amy de Bruin plays daughter Liesl, Reuben Eve-Rumsey is older son Friedrich, Emma Carey portrays Louisa, Seth Eve-Rumsey plays younger brother Kurt, Annie Carey takes the role of Brigita, Hannah Long is Marta and Emily Gilmour takes the part of young Gretl. It’s a massive achievement for all, in a cast where the youngest member is only six years old, but they, the adult actors and the entire crew are bringing new life to a musical which has entertained generations.