Ruawai students’ forest visit

Students’ forest foray

by Paul Campbell

Getting outside the classroom was well received by Ruawai College Year 7, 8 and 9 Science students who went into the Waipoua Forest to learn about a variety of activities and concerns about forest management and kauri dieback disease.

“We split into three groups, and local people showed us cat, ferret and possum traps that we set and then released to see how powerful they were,” said spokesperson Hazel Hornell.

“The groups rotated, and students were shown inside the Lab in the Box where students were able to use microscopes to look at different microorganisms. We put on virtual reality headsets to see how the kauri dieback disease burrows into the roots of the trees and eats away at them.

“The third activity was all about identifying the signs of kauri dieback and learning about what the tree does to protect and heal itself, and about what the local iwi is doing to protect kauri.”