Dave and Paula vandeBerg

Tasty new surprises in Ruawai

by Andy Bryenton

There’s a new place to relax and unwind with a cold drink and a sizzling hot menu in Ruawai, thanks to the efforts of a pair of local entrepreneurs. The popular location will be familiar to some, but the range of treats available from the kitchen has expanded. There’s a new focus on music and entertainment at the all-new Ruawai Steakhouse and Pizza Bar.

Ideally situated in the riverside town to serve travellers and locals alike, the grand old building just around from Ruawai’s main street has been lovingly renovated and refurbished by new owners Dave and Paula. Far beyond just a coat of paint, this has been a two-year labour of creativity and craft, floor to ceiling, and includes the addition of a shady al fresco garden area, which fits in perfectly with their plans to offer laid-back family dining and entertainment.

The menu, too, has received a complete overhaul, with new items expanding it well beyond the core steak and pizza specialities, which are so well enjoyed here. Expect all the toppings and trimmings when ordering a pizza, but there are also hearty big burgers, steak and salads, plenty of choice for the kids, and sweet treats for dessert. Dave and Paula are passionate about music and the arts, and their revitalised Ruawai Steakhouse and Pizza Bar reflect this, with space for entertainment and creativity to flourish.

The dining renaissance in Ruawai begins this Saturday, March 16, with the doors open from 5.30pm. Diners will enjoy a free garlic pizza with every order, and there will be live music to accompany the fresh new flavours on offer from local duo Ben and Brody.

“We can’t believe the day has finally come to open the doors,” says Dave and Paula, proudly preparing to share their vision with the world. “We have been working hard to create a relaxed atmosphere that caters to our community, so please, come and join us!”