Showing prospective riders the latest technology

Tests, trails and trials

by Andy Bryenton

We’ve all heard of technology gaining traction on the farm, and we’ve all at one time or another seen the skill and ability of those crafty canines in the sheep dog trials. However, quad bike trials? It’s a whole different story, even though last week’s big open day for Can-Am happened on what looked a lot like a hilly sheep dog course near Hikurangi.

The aim was to get the 2019 range from the big North American firm out in the paddock and to show prospective riders just how the latest technology grips in the muddy stuff and handles uneven surfaces, sloping ground and gravel.

The reasoning of the dealerships who took part was that reviews could fill in the details, photos can display the looks, but only a hands-on experience in the field can deliver the reality of what Can-Am engineers have achieved.

The open day was held in a field conveniently close to Rouse Motorcycles in Hikurangi, and a group of more than 50 ‘test pilots’ came to take a closer look at the Defender and Commander side-by-sides, the Outlander series of quads and even the powerful Maverick recreational off-road racer. The added hospitality of a barbecue lunch kept spirits high as folks waited their turn in the hot seat, ready to tackle a mixed course, which traversed a hillside and incorporated varied surfaces.

Participant Nigel Randell was in a buoyant mood following the open day, touted as a road show as Can-Am plan to go on to other venues nationwide to showcase their wares. He says it’s a timely reminder to those looking to upgrade their farm fleet for the new season. Call up and book an on-farm test to get to grips with the real feel of 2019’s modern improvements.