Artists united — Miriam and Steve Guthrie and Winsome Cutts combine their creative talents to present a new exhibition in Dargaville

Three legs, four wheels and a vision

by Andy Bryenton

The newest exhibition to open at Dargaville’s Muddy Waters Gallery is titled Four Legs and Two Wheels, a reference not to the subject matter, but to the fact that one of a group of three talented artists on display paints from his wheelchair.

All three have a unique vision displayed across multiple media at the exhibition, which opened on Friday, August 2.

Photographer and traditional flax weaver Miriam Guthrie presents a collection of evocative images captured from the local area, reflecting her love of the outdoors and our natural environment. With a 20 year career behind the lens both here and abroad, Miriam’s photographs make clever use of light in all its forms to tell a story.

Miriam’s husband Steve took up art after finishing a sporting career with the NZ wheelchair rugby national side, the Wheel Blacks. His bold brush strokes and use of mixed media beyond the usual canvas combine to create almost tactile visuals, layering textures to project depth and impact.

Winsome Cutts has recently moved to Dargaville to live, and her approach to depicting the world around her brings us images of other parts of New Zealand, such as the Coromandel and Wanaka. Precise and intricate pencil work in colour, meticulous and detailed ink monochromes and almost photo-realistic use of light and shade define an eclectic mix of works incorporating nature, family and even pets.

Four Legs and Two Wheels is open free to the public until August 21 at the Muddy Waters Gallery in Dargaville.