Deputy Mayor Anna Curnow cuts the ribbon on this next phase of upgrades for Matakohe. Next, a cycle trail will connect the old one-lane bridges with the historic town

Timely upgrade for Matakohe

by Andy Bryenton

Matakohe’s historic churchyard has received a significant upgrade ahead of plans to connect the area to the Kaipara-wide cycle trail, and just as tourist season begins.

Mayor Jason Smith attended alongside Deputy Mayor and Otamatea Ward councillors Mark Vincent and Anna Curnow. Chairman of the Matakohe Community Group, Nick Tetzner, made a short presentation detailing how tourism infrastructure funding made it possible to transform the old groundskeeper’s cottage into public restrooms in keeping with the area’s historic character. The building is finished in the style of the adjacent Matakohe Pioneer Church, itself from 1867. It is surrounded by a large heritage rose garden and faces the restored historic settler’s cemetery.

“The tourism infrastructure authorities, in conjunction with council, have been very supportive, making this a simple and smooth process,” said Mr Tetzner. The Mayor agreed. “For a place like Matakohe, where people from all over the country and the world are coming all the time — it’s very important that we have these facilities.” He thanked the Matakohe Community Group personally for taking leadership on this issue before Deputy Mayor Anna Curnow cut the ribbon, opening what may be the most picturesque public convenience in New Zealand.