Venture Up alumni leave with more than just a ‘nano-degree’ in innovation, but also the tools to help turn ideas into commercial success

Tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

by Andy Bryenton

A programme with more than 200 alumni nationwide is coming to Whangarei this summer and is open to Kaipara youth. Venture Up provides young aspiring leaders with the tools and techniques to practice innovation, and turn ideas and passions into businesses.

Organisers of the two-week programme say it throws young participants headfirst into the methods used by the biggest names in the world; like Google, Tesla and Apple. Aspiring leaders are advised not to miss out.

Gary Larkan, Northland regional coordinator for the Young Enterprise Scheme, says that Venture Up creates a pathway for youth to get their careers off the ground. “In the Northland region, this programme fills a very obvious need for further development of young people, who have the potential but need to channel it in the right direction.”

Programme director Steph Benseman says that the Venture Up programme reflects a need amongst young people transitioning into the workforce.

“Young Enterprise originally came to us to help bridge the gap between education and work, and Venture Up was our way of making this happen. It really helps to get an idea of how innovation works in the real world!”

The programme has been supported by the Ministry of Youth Development since its inception in 2015, and scholarships are available to cover the cost of participation.

Enrolments are now open but close at midnight, December 15 2019.

Venture Up Northland will run from January 13 to January 24.

Visit for more information.