Trounson Park is home to kiwi like this one, being cared for and monitored by the Department of Conservation

Walking with kiwi

by Andy Bryenton

Lucky locals will have the chance to walk among the habitat of wild kiwi this weekend, as the Department of Conservation hosts a nocturnal walk into their ‘back yard’, hoping to hear their calls in the spring night.

Mid-September marks Conservation Week; a national celebration that encourages people to get involved in nature and help to take care of it. This year celebrates 50 years of Conservation Week, originally launched in 1969 by the New Zealand Scout Association. To commemorate this milestone, Kauri Coast DOC office will be hosting a free guided night walk at Trounson Kauri Park for local families on Saturday, September 14.

“Visitors will have a chance to walk through an impressive stand of kauri, engage with the local residents such as glow worms, kauri snails, weta, koura, kokopu, morepork and if we are lucky, we may encounter a kiwi!” says DOC representative Jaimie Clarkson.

“The Kauri Coast Top 10 guides and Te Roroa ambassadors will share in their knowledge around the significance of Trounson Kauri Park and talk on the effects of Kauri Dieback. The key messages are all about staying on tracks, using the wash stations provided and always cleaning footwear before and after walking in the forest.

To register on this free guided night walk tour, please contact Kauri Coast Department of Conservation Office on 09 439 3450.

As places are limited, bookings are essential to take part in an adventure, some tourists wait their whole lives to experience.