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Wastewater survey for Paparoa

by Paul Campbell

A survey of Paparoa residential and commercial properties carried out by the Kaipara District Council has found shortcomings in 50 percent of those inspected, causing contamination of owner’s and neighbouring properties and also the Paparoa River.

A meeting has now been held in the community to form a Paparoa Wastewater Action Group which with council will explore solutions to the problem, beginning next month with a comprehensive survey in the ‘village in the valley’.

“We are carrying out dye tests throughout the Paparoa area to establish the integrity of the individual wastewater systems and how much pollution they may be causing,” said council spokesperson, Gillian Bruce.

“The council has previously responded to reports of bad smells and effluence. We found that a large number of private wastewater systems were failing at that time. We held a community meeting to explain the situation and discuss possible ways forward to resolve the sources of pollution. At that meeting it was agreed that the council would carry out a survey of all properties with older septic tank systems in the area to determine how widespread the issues are. Testing involves putting a non-toxic dye into the tank and looking for seepage.

This information will allow us to work with the community to find a suitable solution.

We are planning to start surveys around November 5 and be completed by the end of November. After that we will hold a further community meeting to discuss options.All property owners will be sent a letter detailing the inspections.

For further information, contact or phone 0800 727 059.