Water restrictions in place

by Andy Bryenton

Following on from last week’s call for the careful use of water supplies, the continued weather patterns in the north have prompted a level three water restriction announcement from the Kaipara District Council.

It indicates that the water levels available are at a level, which needs careful management. Some activities are now off-limits to preserve vital water reticulation services for public health and wellbeing.

While level three water restrictions are in place, you may not use a sprinkler, irrigation system or hose to water your garden. It’s also prohibited to use a trigger nozzle hose, hand-held open hose or water blaster to wash vehicles, windows, buildings and paved areas.

Finally, you’re not allowed to fill a swimming pool from the mains supply. These restrictions don’t apply to those on tank, bore or stream water in rural areas, but dry weather often means that rural residents must take extra care with water reserves as well.

It is still permissible to water your garden with a handheld watering can, and to wash your vehicle with water from a bucket.

Further water-saving tips, and a comprehensive explanation of the water restriction level codes, is available at bewaterwise.org.nz.